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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> the syrian peace talks end with no agreement. venzuela's prime time president rallies supporters trying to counter days of protest. a florida sxwrir comes to a decision on some of the charges against a white man accused of shooting a black teen over loud musicjury comes to a decision on some of the charges against a white man accused of shooting a black teen over loud mus music? >> we are thankful it turned out
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the way it did. >> what a vote means for auto workers in detroit, a vote from chattanooga. disappointing news out of general evesa, the second round of peace talks ended in failure. today's negotiations lasted less than half an hour. a proposed third round of talks is in jeopardy. james bates has the latest from the geneva. >> after chairing a second round of talks that have achieved nothing, the mediator first wanted to address the syrian people. >> i am very, very sorry, and i apologize to the syrian people that their hopes, which hawere very, very high that something will happen here, i think that what has -- the little that has been achieved in hommes gave
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them even more hope. >> dr. brohimi explained there had been arguments over the agenda for the talks. he made a compromise proposal and he made it clear which side had objected. >> unfortunately, the government has refused, which raises the suspension of the opposition that, in fact, the government doesn't want to discuss at a time at all. >> within minutes, both sides came to brief media even though everyone had heard dr. brohimi say it was the syrian government that didn't accept his order of the agenda items, the syrian government representative had a different interpretation. >> why do you not accept his order for the discussions that he has proposed? >> the other side gave his own interpretation of the agenda by saying that there is no need we finalize the first item. there is no need to fully finalize the first item. we will give it one day, one day
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for discussion, and then we will move to the other item, which is the government. >> why don't you accept his propos proposal? >> hold your horses. hold your horses. we said that. we cannot move from one item, item 1 to item 2 or item three or item 4 without fully considering this item and conclueding by a common vision. >> the opposition claims the government is deliberately stalling so it can intensify its attacks. >> our hard delegation is in pain. as we speak here searching for a political solution, the regime has chosen to bombard towns and cities, killing civilians. >> the peace talks started with an international meeting of world leaders. since then, there have been two sessions, 14 days of talks. also since then, according to one monitoring agreement, 5,500
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syrians have died. james bays, al jazeera, at the united nations. >> those failed talks with a blow to the syrian people. one activist people said 140,000 civilians and fighters have so far been killed. in the old city of hommes, a six-day cease fire is now ending. the govern wants more time to help those trapped by the fighting. our mayoriana hahn reports from neighboring lebanon. >> this could be anywhere: a local fuel match in a dusty playground but this is a shelter in hommes, a syrian city desperately cling to go a fragile cease fire. until a few days ago, these people lived in the old city under siege. >> we use the fireplace to cook. we never went out of the house. we never knew what was going on out there. us women were not able to go
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out. i lotted my husband two years ago. i heard no news from him. we were together and he went out. and then from that moment, i have not heard from him at all. >> the u.n. allowed them and 14,000 others to leave. the government wanted the cease fire extended as more people are trying to get out including hundreds of young men. there are real concerns for their safety yesterday, 70 young men left and live wherever they wish. according to the i knowstructions of mr. president and by his sponsorship and according to the government's plan, we are waorking on subtlig things or all of the young men here with us and in particular those who have not beg involved in the blood shed. if they leave, they will be displaced. many have made it into neighboring lebanon. there, the residents are setting
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up new lives as refugees. from hommes, a city, more than 2,000 years old to a new home, this one, a tent city. mariana hahn, al jazeera. >> foreign enter convention in syria and whether or not international efforts to end bo bosn bosnia's war hold answer to see stopping syria's violence. tomorrow, 8:30 eastern, 5:30 pacific. demonstrators are fighting in bahrain marking the third anniversary of the arab spring uprising. tear gas filled the streets of several shiia villages. people have been rallying against the ruling sunni family. they want democratic reforms. earlier, al jazeera spoke to one of those protest leaders? >> what's happened today resembles a clear indicator that
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the people of bahrain would remain persistent to see the democratic transformation happen. it was very peaceful in its nature. there was no violence associated whatsoever with the demonstration. a government spokesperson decides there is sectarian division in that country. they are one people in bahrain. those groups were given four opportunities for dialogue, to sit at the negotiating table to reach an agreement. it is important not to confuse shiias as a sect and as a political movement. they have to sit down with other political groups regarding these demands. >> it's estimated 89 people have been killed since the start of that uprising in 2011.
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venzuela fiancées's preside -- venzuela's says people are searching for a leader. thousands gathered for a pro-government rally today. supporters and opponents of the government have been staging rival protests across the country. police used tear gas on profit testers. rachel levin sent us this update from the capitol. >> tens of thousands of people came out for a pro-government rally here in downtown caracus that the president has called. the rally was supposed to be a pro-peace rally. people really came out with their families there was a carnival atmosphere but the president had harsh words for the opposition. the government issued an arrest warrant for him and on saturday, president ordered the police to
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go and obtain him. now, meanwhile, across town, the opposition held its own separate rally, also a rally for peace. however, the numbers there were far fewer. they were between 1500 and 2000 people. tests tension is high following the deaths of three people that were killed during an anti-government protest. >> protest turned violent and also dozens of others were injured. now, those deaths have been con democrated by human rights activists cthe government said they are conducting investigation, but so far, nobody has been arrested in connection of those deaths. so people are bracing themselves and waiting to see how the next few days play out, if tensions continue to rise, or if true to the president's call, there will be a more calming on the streets
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and a more spoofed attitude. >> the deaths of three protesters this week have increased ten tions across venzuela. last march, president chavez died from cancer. his vice president, nicholas maduro took over. less than a month later, maduro was elected president. the opposition refused to recognize the results and demanded a recount. in october, maduro expelled three u.s. diplomats. he accused them of trying to sabotage the country's electrical grid. he tightened control room of the foreign exchange to tackle shortages in inflation. later that month, the national assembly allowed him to create laws without going through lawmakers. and in december, students protested a new law that would give the government more control over universities and, last month, the government announced changes to the nation's foreign currency rate with maduro calling for an increase in gas prices that had not changed in
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more than a decade. joining us from philadelphia to talk about this is george shicarela mar and the author of "we created a chavez." fiancées is a country long played with problems. where is this anger coming from now? >> the reality is this is an anger simmers for years. what we are seeing in these protests is a shift within the venzuelan opposition. if you recall, even your report referred to lopez as the leader of the opinion zipings. a few months ago, that person would have been cabriles, a slightly more moderate representative of the opposition. what you are seeing on the streets alongside many well-meaning students is a ferocious right-wing of the opposition movement that has not recognized the venzuela alan government, that hasn't recognized previous elections and in the past has participated against coups against the government. >> is the opposition better
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organized and better able to voice concerns and complaints and rally people in the streets? >> i don't think that's true. what you are seeing is the disintgration of the unity of the opposition put together behind caprelesi's presidents see and a desperate lashing out with regard to calling all of these people into the streets, knowing that there will be violence, we should recall that caprelese learned an lesson. 10 people died. most of them chavezas. he learned you need to be careful when calling out people into the streets into these kind of clark. yet, there are other sectors of the opposition that are something to use this for as a political ploy to assert their leadership over the opposition. >> where do you think this is going to go? where will this lead venzuela? >> i think the reality is if you look at the numbers of people who turned out on wednesday, they are actually relatively small. this is an opposition that in the run-up to the coup in 200, to the run-up to the reverendem
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in 2004, was able to get people into the street. now, you have much smaller numbers. you have a sort of diminishing minority of people who don't recognize this government and who don't recognize the fact that they are a minority. i think the reality is the government is going to play a soft hand in this and let these protests really taper out. >> when you consider the fact that inflation is a major problem there and crime is a concern, why do you think the opposition movement, aside from the fact they are not very well organized and having issues there, but why do you think this is not rallying more people across the country? >> the ryalty is that the obvious situation doesn't represent an alternative. if you look at the policies they would institute they would represent a return to a neo liberal past, suffering, starving, 60% in poverty. they remember some of the most severe conditions. in this opposition can present an alternative, a new way forward, which is what caprilese was attempting to do although slightly unsuccessfully, the energy is going to remain in the
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bolavarian camp. >> that's not to say they aren't capable of losing some of that energy. >> also happened in april. the reality is that the bolavardi leadership needs to be able to energize its own base. it needs to show it's an alternative and this is happening with the building of communes but it also requires stabilizing some of the macro economic questions with regard to inflation and the exchange rate. >> considering that, do you expect the united states to get involved at any point here? >> the united states continues to funneled the opposition in the same way that they did under bush and has been more open. obama has been more open about sending funds to this opposition despite the fact some of them have questionable human rights records and questionable records with regard to democracy. we are not going to see, i don't think, the united states government intervening in a very direct way. as a matter of fact, lopez, the person who was trying to make a run for the leadership of the opposition is someone that the u.s. embassy described as a sort
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of meg la maniac that can't be trusted. >> george chiricala-maher thank you for your time? >> thank you. jurors are struggling notice fourth day of deliberations during the michael dunn murder trial, accused of killing an unarmed teenager. it has highlighted race, guns and standard of care stand your ground laws. outside the courthouse in jacksonville. what's happening today? >> let's recap. michael done is facing five charges in the death of 17-year-old jordan davis. three counts of attempted murder. there were three other teens in that s.u.v., and one count of shooting into a vehicle. late this afternoon, the jury sent a note to the judge saying they had reached a unanimous verdict on four counts but not on the first degree murder count. so, the judge brought the jury back into the courtroom and gave them what's called an allen
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charge. he told them: this is your final attempt. go back into that courtroom -- or go back into the jury room and deliberate and try to come back with a verdict. it's unclear, jonathan, how much longer they are going to deliberate this evening. they have been at it since 9:00 o'clock this morning. >> so still no clear verdict, no clearance of how this will go. how is the davis family reap acting to all of this? >> we saw jordan davis's mother crying. they left visibly upset. tomorrow would have been jordan davis's 19th birthday. the family has said they were hoping to celebrate his birthday, quote, with a conviction. they have said they do not want to be back in court tomorrow and it's unclear whether or not the judge will ask the jury to return to court tomorrow to deliberate. >> natasha gain-main live in florida today. still ahead on al jazeera america, the push to unionize more auto workers in american
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hits a road blocking. what this means for the future of the car industry. >> we also have hurricane-force winds in some areas. i will show you where that's happening and, also, what's going on in the west coast next.
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>> chinese bloggers had a message for the u.s. secretary of state: help fight internet sensorship, the so-called great firewall of china. john kerry met the bloggers. climate change was on his mind. the two countries are pledging to work together on that issue. >> china and the united states will put an extra effort into exchanging information and discussing policies that will help both of us to be able to develop and lead on the standards that need to be announced yet next year for the global climate change agreement.
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>> earlier, carry toured a factory building more efficient jens. he is in indonesia for more talks on climate change. in tennessee, a major defeat for an auto union. al vox wagon plant voted against joining the united auto workers. it would have been the first in the south to union eyes. 712 voted against joining that union. 626 voted for it. er i can a fer arari has more. >> it's stinging after three days of secret balloting, employees say no to union rep presentation. it's hard to hold the emotion back. my heart is pounding with exceeding joy. we are thankful it turned out. >> volks waggen has invested a billion dollars in the plant that started building mid sized sedans three years ago. they were ludics by more than 57
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state and local incentives. some viewed it as a setback that would only benefit the uaw? >> the uaw has a need for our money. they don't care about these guys. they really don't. >> campaign was seen as organized labor's best chance to expand into foreign-owned plants in the south. >> very idea brought more reaction from outside interests than from the plant workers, themselves. conservative groups rented billboards in tennessee and blamed the uaw for detroit's financial troubles while ten's republican governor bill haslam and bob corker also spoke out claiming a union would hurt the state's chances of strakaing newel manufacturers t volkswagon remained neutral allowing the auto worker's union in the plant during the process. >> between the two institutions, volkswagon and the uaw, i know of not one incident of any aggression or animosity coming
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out of this process. >> the uaw adding, while we are outraged by politicians and outside special interests groups interfering with the basic right of legal workers to form a union, we are proud these workers were brave and 1250d up to the tremendous pressure from outside. erika ferrari, al jazeera. >> earlier, i spoke with politico transportation editor about what this means for detroit's auto workers. >> this was viewed as perhaps the uaw's best chance it will ever have to organize a foreign-owned auto plant in the south. they had a company, volkswagon, that was officially neutral. it was actually very accommodating, had agreed to let uaw organizers on the property, did not do what other companies in this situation have done like bring in anti-union consultants or candjole the workers. now, they can try again apparently in about a year at the vw plant, which they may do. it's just been a number of years since they had an election like
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this in a southern auto plant. those had not gone their way either. meanwhile, the total membership has been declining. >> the one and a half million numbers you just mentioned in 1979 dropped to close to 400,000 in recent years. auto makers paid the veterans $28 an hour. the new-hires make about $15 an hour. wisconsin, michigan have passed laws limiting union power. so, are we seeing the beginning of the end of the uaw? >> i don't know if it's the beginning of the end. the union, itself, has expressed concern about that. interesting. you mentioned the lower pay that some of the newer employees get at uaw plants where they are are organized. >> apparently worked against them in tennessee because some volkswagon workers in tennessee were already making more than what some newer uaw members make at other plants. and apparently that led some workers in tennessee to question what the benefit of being in e theun someone would be. >> united auto workers spent
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more than two years pushing for that vote. let's turn to rebecca because new england is get can ready to be hit by a blizar? >> snow over the cost and that snow is getting heavier and heavier. we are beginning to see it track out of the new york area as we get into the next 3 to four hours and it's going to intensify as we get into places like boston, and plymouth. in fact, plymouth, we had a live shot here of the snow that's already on the ground, and we are starting to see those flames come down on the leading edge of the storm. plymouth, you are in a blizzard warning until 5:00 a.m. in the morning. right now, we are seeing that snow creep its way up the northeast coast, and we have some concerns about nguyen winds. of course, winds are what blow the snow around and give you that blizzard warning. areas that are going to get anywhere from six to eight inches of snow. gusts 35 to 55 miles an hour. hurricane-force winds are
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offshore. but you can see as you get closer to the coast, we've already got storm warnings and gale warnings in the waters. so, it's a dangerous place to be, especially for fishermen, folks out doing any kind of re-creational boating. this is not a good storm to be anywhere near over the water. we have philadelphia and 15 mile per hour wind gusts. 33 for washington. the blizzard warning is impacting places in massachusetts. we are seeing at a time ride its way up the coastline. heavier snow will reach farther inland. let's talk snow accumulations. right now, it looks like these areas in purple are going to have the highest accumulation. boston is not included in the actual blizzard warning. there are areas south of you that are like plymouth, for instance. we will see lighter accumulations farther inland. it's going to be stormy here for the northeast. expect to see the day saturday. stay snowy here and gradually track to the east.
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maine is going to have some snow as we get into the first part of tomorrow before that storm finally, moves out. incidentally, west coast, record high temperatures. central nevada not just today but we expect record highs again tomorrow, jonathan. >> okay. thanks, rebecca. the weather in europe is not much better. strong winds and heavy rains continue to slam parts of britain. bloody flood waters from the river thames poured into queen elizabethts home, windsor castle. a 65 foot deep sinkhole opened up in central london, a woman died when part of a building collapsed on the cab she was riding in. a cruise ship passenger died after high winds kicked up giant waves in the english channel. >> a massive ash cloud moving across indonesia is keeping thousands out of their homes. the volcan-0 erupted and the cloud ask moving over java prove i knew, homes within three miles
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of the volcan-0 are off limits as a precaution. several airports nearby have also been closed and thousands of passengers are stranded. about 50,000 peoplep people remain in temporary shelters coming up on al jazeera america, north korea is facing a scathing u.n. report about crimes against humanity. >> the u.s. men win a thriller on the ice in sochi. now they have given their opponent incentive for round 2. >> story plus the latest medal count on the from the winter games coming up in sports.
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>> heavily armed, combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking... break though investigative documentary series... new episode, deadly force only on al jazeera america a murder trial in florida, they could not come to a decision on the murder charge. he is accused of killing unarmed black teen over an argument over loud music. the judge told the jurors to go back and continue deliberations.
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the second round of syrian peace talks in geneva ended in failure. today's talks lasted less than half an hour. the u.n. mediator apologized to the syrian people for not being able to end the violence. no date has been set for proposed third rounds of talks. in fiancées, we are getting updates the rallies were peaceful. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is concerned. the government has arrested scores of anti-government proteste protesters. >> rachel is our correspondent. what are you seeing today? >> reporter: we covered the pro-government march. there were some aggressive words toward the opposition. we are now in a rally. about 45 minutes ago, there was
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a stand off between the andy government protests and the police and while we were filming please started to shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd. there are several thousand people here the scenes of chaos broke out immediately in panic. people were running. they were ducking for cover just a real scene of chaos and destruction in the street. now, the situation has calmed down a bit, but the anti-government protesters are not leaving, and the police, we are hearing chanting from the crowd has dispersed to other parts of the square in the neighborhood that's called alta meda, one of the more wealthy neighborhoods where a lot of opposition members do live. it's a situation that we are continuing to monitor here around the street. >> rachel, what more do we know about the reports that the government is also arresting
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opposition leaders? >> yes. that report came out early this week. one of the main newspapers here published what they said was a warrant for his arrest issued by the government. the government did not confirm that at the time, but today, president maduro and his speech at the rally without naming names said that police would be -- had orders to go and arrest the leader of the opposition. now, the president blamed him for stirring up this violence. he essentially says that this opposition leader is the one that's encouraging most of these students and young people to take to the streets. they started their demonstrations last wednesday, which they turned deadly. three people were killed and no one so far has been arrested in those deaths. you can hear behind me chanting. i am in one of the main squares
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right now. sorry. my cameraman to film. you can hear them chanting. these are anti-government slogages and people far from being afraid, let's take a listen right now. [chanting ] >> the people have a right to protect. the people have the right to protect. the protests were band. the opposition would have to get to take to the streets. people have ignored this. they continue to protest now. >> we will let you get back to work there. rachel levin from caraccas where there is a lot of anger. >> north korea kia is facing accusation of crimes against humanity. the united nations it is planning to present its report
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on the matter next week. harry fawcett has the details. >> investigating north korea key an human rights record. they heard testimony from moaning others defectors who had spent time inside the prison camps. artist impressions used to help illustrate the horrors they described. the most painful was when they handcuffed my hands placed 60 centimeters above the ground. i couldn't sit or stand. he was left alone for three or four days. that was the most painful torture. according to am summary of the report, it details not just abuses inside prison camps but throughout the country. murders, rape, political repress, in short, crimes against humanity. the full report is published to be out on the monday. if they are accurate, it
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wouldn't be anything particularly new. these allegations run back many years. however, it does represent the most concerted effort yet by the international community to inve investigate the human rights record and to hold it to account. >> according to the leak, the report recommends further action by a competent organ of justice to investigate the north korean government. any hope for referral to the international criminal court looks far fetched with china holding veto power at the u.n. the chairman suggested it would force some accountability. >> they are on notice and have due process and have an opportunity to respond in detail not just general regression that this is a hostile act because it's an act of the whole world community. but a reaction which will be appropriately detailed to all of the evidence that we are gathering. >> north korea has already reacted to the leak calling allegations of crimes against
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humanity unfounded. it all comes a day after high level talks between north and south quarter e a ended with an agreement for separated families. with a full report out on monday, those families and government officials in seoul will bel watch to see whether the publication will have flew on those reunions and the current improvement in relations between the two countries harry fawset, al jazeera, seoul. >> coming up later tonight, many fled their war-torn country. six decades later they are trying to reunite. >> i feel like i am being punished because i left them behind. if i meet them again, i will feel like i am reborn. >> stay tuned for the two korea, divided families. it's part of the prime time news hour at 8 eastern, 5 pacific here on al jazeera america: italy is still without a prime
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minister tonight. the country's president ended a long day of consultations without nominating a new head of government. he is expected to favor the florence mayor, the former leader enrico leta handed out his resignation. he is the third it 58ian prime minister to fall in three years. the u craneian activist said he was abducted and tortured has revealed new details about his or deal tbulletof says he believes his capital were russian. violence in kiev has flared up again. several were hurt in tra clashes clark there. now, demonstrations have been drawing new recruits including ones you wouldn't necessarily expect to see on the front lines. joining the revolution, the protesters's main command
6:38 pm
center. news recruits are vetted. she is ukrainian but lives in london with her parents. an unlikely new member? >> the first time i have seen how they burn the bosses and how the police attacking them. after that, i just went to the airport. it's a dangerous situation. what are you prepared to do? >> everything. i am ready to fight for my human rights and my country and a better life with my country even to death. she is among several hundred women wanting to play a more active role in ongoing protests and that means ready to fight. before being allowed to police the barricades, she and other receive basic training.
6:39 pm
being trade in how to avoid arrest and what to do in a riot situation. if there are any more clark, these young women are determined not to end up playing a backseat ro role in what's going on here. >> none of the people here in independence square are afraid of being hurt. they just want to protect their freedom and their lives. but perhaps the bigger danger is that all of this will end in nothing. these young women are undergoing a radical transformation. while the country remains in political turmoil, this is the changing face of resistance. al jazeera, kiev. >> the spot life is on more than games at the winter games in associateisochi. repressive and homophobic laws, criminallin has tried -- cremlin
6:40 pm
had this to say to reporters. >> is there hope that you won't tie sports with politics? is there? i think so. >> putin was respond to go a question about anti-kremlin protesters fashioning prison sentences. he is trying to focus on the sports which we will talk about with you. >> the hockey team helped us get focus on the games. they were fighting for gold today when the and russia faced off. gold is the ultimate prize. today's prelum nary round match not only lid up to the height. it turned into an instant classic in a game that doesn't even count. the u.s. men beat the host team 3-2 in an epic battle for the ages decided in an 8-round shootout with american tj oshi as the hero. unlike the nhl, rules permit a shooter to take multiple shots after three rounds when you go to the shoot out and the activelies blues star fired six
6:41 pm
times for the americans. he netted four of them and that included the game winner. a kid, feels great right now. like i said, we are focusing on tomorrow now. it doesn't mean much without the wind tomorrow. it's exciting, fun. we've got a job to do here. >> for us, it was a really big win and i think everyone did a good job, so we are going to go enjoy this win tonight. it's onto another one tomorrow and got the to shift our focus to tomorrow. >> elsewhere, american matt antoine beat out his teammate and friend john daily to grab the broncs in the skeleton race, the first since gold in 2002. here is what the medal count looks like right now. host team, russia, leading the way with 15. the u.s. and the netherlands are tied for second with 14 each followed by norway and germany.
6:42 pm
7 are gold. >> that's tops in sochi. the superstars of the winter games reside in sochi, the old stars of the hard wood are gathered in new orleans where this year's all-star game is being played. i got to speak with march spears earlier, the nba beat reporter and writer for yahoo sports sports. i asked him would some players rather rest for a couple of days in the grinding season? here is what he had to say. >> talking to lebron james the other day, he said, hey, i certainly wouldn't mind sitting somewhere and just resting. once you get here and you get to be around the pageantry and adoring fans and realized you are one of 24 players that get to do this and then, also, with him being the face of the leagu league, you understand why it's imports to be here and, you know, it's probably one of those things. this is his 10th appearance. getting a little been there, done that. but i am sure has he gets older,
6:43 pm
he will appreciate it more and more. these are certainly special times that a lot of players wish they could have. >> going to the gym. you get there. you get the reward afterwards, of course. we are going to go talk about this event. is it going to be like an nfl pro-bowl? >> no. >> where most refused stoplay it? >> you don't see pick-up baseball games or football games but pick-up basketball games all the time. so, you know, these guys are competitors. you can tell when they go out there they are going to play hard. the key for this game to me which makes it, you know, the best of the mid season classics, all star games, is if the game is relatively close in the fourth quarter, you are going to see two teams going after it to win and you see the pride kick in. >> that's what the fans have to root for, a close game. >> you get to see competiti
6:44 pm
competitivene competitiveness. the signature events on saturday night, why is that? >> i am going to beg to differ on that. they have three all stars in the dunk contest, the first time they have had that, i think, since maybe michael jordan, dominique wilkins and clyde directionler, the biggest one being paul george, probably one the top 5 stars in the league with the pacers. this is one of the best fields we have seen in years i am expecting one similar since it was won about 10 years ago in oakland this is one of the saturdays i have been more excited about. a lot of fresh fashions which i think is going to help it. trying to prove themselves, trying to show that they belong, steffan curry, paul george been there before. he is a young face in the league. i think there will be nice young blood in the league that is
6:45 pm
exciting and going to try to put on a show. >> let's talk about changing of the guard as well and the front. adam silver taking over as the nba competitimissioner, this is first big event. so what do you see is going to be his biggest challenge moving forward? >> there is 2340 david stern here he didn't come. he didn't want to over shadow adam silver. his biggest challenge is going to be this new t.v. contract that's going to be up and in about two years. there are several other companies trying to buy in and get a piece of the nba. it's a great problem. there is going to be billions of dollar, a billion dollar deal to be had there. i think he's got his mind on that. inevat this ti inevitab inevitably, a lockout again and i think there is a sense that the door is open more now than it was before, that adam was more willing to license. don't get it wrong. i think he is a tough guy. he is still lawyer. he is not going to be a
6:46 pm
pushover. a big weekend in the dfrning con test tonight. the all stamp game is tomorrow? >> thanks, jessica. >> environmental groups say people in alleluia are being exposed to toxic chemicals. a loop you will holy in the law that activists say is waiting to happen.
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6:48 pm
>> with al jazeera america. a loom holy in federal regulations is being blamed for exposing americans to toxic chemic chemicals. several environmental groups are pressing for something to be done about it. ben lemoyne has this story >> reporter: a former engineer enjoying his retirement back working in his backyard. >> tyou sand, shape, contour it >> he is concerned about the neighborhood.
6:49 pm
he lives in an industrial corridor in louisiana. >> all of the plants are basically over here? >> right. they are all that way. uh-huh. >> and not very far? >> not really as the crow flies, no. it's pretty close. >> most u.s. industries have to report annual toxic emissions over 10,000 pounds to the environmental protection agencies toxic release inventory. it's created so the public can no what is released into the air? >> if people don't know what they are living next to, they can't assess risks for human health. >> when the epa set reporting standards nearly 20 years ago, it didn't include new orleans exploration facilities? >> nobody is monitoring it. they could release 100 pounds and tell you they released 13,000. who is to know? >> a study of state records by the environmental integrity projects sews facilities in colorado, pennsylvania, texas
6:50 pm
and wyoming had toxic releases surpassing 10,000 pounds if in one year. >> the study called the rules arbitrary and confuse inconfusi people who live in homes like this would know exactly woos going in to their air. for the people would live by similar oil and gas facilities, air quality could be a mystery. >> i think that they have been escaping attention through that loom holy erroneously for many years. >> with a nationwide energy boom under way, oil and gas facilities are expanding almost every day. while the louisiana oil and gas association didn't return our calls for comment, the epa has said it will consider requiring oil and gas plants to reportee missions. >> it shouldn't even be a question about that. they should automatically do it, you know. i mean i don't see why they wouldn't. >> for now, all russell and selmo can do is whittle wood and
6:51 pm
wait. serento, louisiana. >> we will try to get that graphic inserted next go away. >> capturing the attention of millions. now, it's inspired a new york artist. kaelynn ford explains. this story contains strong language. >> sienna read never thought her arrested would imitate life quite so closely but while living in rome, she became fascinated with amanda knox. the young american student convicted of murdering her roommate in 2007. >> compulsive liar. >> american whore. >> always hunting men. >> oddly libidimus. >> i was doing a lot of research at the time on women in history who had faced character assassination. the most common words they would be called would be either about their sexuality or they would be called something like demonic, witch-like. she has collected more than 150 negative words about knox since her arrest. enough to fill this 30-foot
6:52 pm
scroll she wrote them on. she painted them on the female body letter by letter. >> when someone is being called such a vast amount of negative terms, it has to harm them in a very physical way. who knows what jezebel means or lilis. these words are from another time. they are being used in the 21st century. >> the writer has studied the media's coverage? >> on main stream network people asking her how often she had sex, about her use of sex toys, about her use of marijuana as though that has bearing on whether or not she murdered her roommate. it doesn't -- those two don't feed into each other. but the narrative that's being created is that they do. >> you wrote something in the book that surprised me, that you said, what if i had not go on a campaign for casual sex? >> it was irresponsible. >> it's a narrative that ryan
6:53 pm
wants to see changed. >> i think part of that is, is media being responsible in the way that they discuss these stories? and being care full not to contribute to a narrative that's confuse to go young women? >> meredith's murder trial is not over. knox and her boyfriend were found guilty of the murder in 2009. then acquitted in between. in january, italy's highest court found them guilty again. knox could face 28 1/2 years in prison and is expected to appeal. the verdict reached in the court of public opinion still stands. the two-week celebration for the chinese lunar new year is coming to a close. in san francisco, preparations for a nighttime parade are being finalized. lisa barnard has more on that. >> in san francisco's china town, preparations for a happy new year. >> it's like a thanksgiving for chinese although family members
6:54 pm
get together, have a feast. >> good buy to the year of the snake. >> i got to tell you, these are awesome flowers. >> dave thomas and his team are making the floats that will welcome the year of the horse. this year we have carved more horses than you could get on a prairie right now or buffalo bill had in his wild west show. >> his float company will build 21 floats this year sponsors pay from 30 to $100,000 to get one in the chinese new year prayed. >> how long did it take from here to here to this? >> this is about 10 days' worth of work. i usually start emotions. i feel the emotions and i draw a float that will elicit that emotion. >> the chinese new year celebration dates back to the gold rush days of the 1860s and
6:55 pm
the largest cultural asian ent in north america. >> as the artists prepare, so do those who interpret the chinese astrological signs. lillian change has some predictions she says the elements, fire and wood are significant this year. >> whenever fire shows up, it's going to pick up the stockmarket. >> financial prosperity is a common goal as the new year approaches. traditional red envelopes are for sale they will be stuffed with money and passed along. ing expects a robust world economy during the year of the horse. she believes 2014 is a time to take chances. >> so people, you know, who have projects going on, this is the year to put this into action because you have the energy of the horse. you have the fire for, you know, all of the confidence to support you. she believes in the symbolism. she clutches red signs ready for a new year. >> all of this for the luck.
6:56 pm
for the new year. this for the year of the horse. she says the year of the horse will be marked by innovation and conflict but she says the overriding theme for 2014 is optimism. lisa barnard, al jazeera, sab francisco. >> happy new year. a rom antic if illegal gesture for valentine's day. an inmate broke out of jail for love. he scaled a fence, crawled through razor wire and met up with his girlfriend. the love birds only had a few minutes together. so much for time off for good behavior. that's our show. he headlines right after this. documentaries from around the world that inform... >> they were bombarded with shells... >> inspire... >> we can deal with our conflicts... >> and touch our soles... >> it was my dream to get a high school diploma.
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>> award winning film makers create create unique perspectives. >> everybody's different here... >> just gotta tell ya, it was just a very magical moment... >> al jazzera america presents... on al jazeera america
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>> the second round of syrian peace talks in geneva ended in failure. today's talks lasted less than half an hour. >> the mediator apologized for
6:59 pm
not being able to help end the violence. >> no date has been set for the third round of talks. updates tensions are rising in the streets in venzuela. police have been clashing with protesters. john kerry says he is concerned. the government has arrested scores of protesters jurors in florida have reached a verdict on the michael dunn trial. he is accused of killing it jordan davis in an argument over loud music. the judge told the jurors to go back and continue deliberations. >> italy is still without a prime minister tonight. the country's president ended a long day of consultations without nominating a new head of government. he is expected to favor the mayor of florence, former leader who handed in his resignation
7:00 pm
yesterday. he was forced out after a no-confidence vote. he is the third prime minister to fall in three years. those are the headlines. we will be back in more news. re "real money" with ali velshi is up right now. >> congress welcomes janet ye yellen. we will decode her message on the economy and how much is too much for the boss to know about your private medical information? don't look for a doctor. let the doctor look for you and bid on your next procedure. we will show you how. i am david shuster in for ali velshi. this is "real money."